Prenatal and postpartum yoga classes for parents, partners, and babies.

Practicing yoga throughout pregnancy offers many benefits including improved sleep, increased strength and flexibility, increased body and breath awareness, and decreased risk of some complications of pregnancy. After pregnancy, parent and baby yoga classes are a gentle way to ease back into movement and exercise while bonding with your new baby.

Yoga & Support Series

6 weeks of Mindfulness-based  prenatal yoga classes paired with a group forum for childbirth education and support through your pregnancy.

Prenatal Yoga Classes

Weekly prenatal yoga classes open to students of all skill levels.

We regret that these classes will end in mid December. Join us until then!

Parent and Baby Yoga

A unique opportunity for parent and child bonding in an informal yoga session. Babies up to 12 months are welcome.

Classes are currently not available.

Learn to listen deeply to your body during birth.

Because we can not think our way through labor, prenatal yoga is a perfect way to drop beneath the thinking mind and into the body/mind to prepare for birth. Erica illustrates the ways in which the practice of prenatal yoga teaches us to listen deeply to our bodies during birth.

In the Nona Prenatal Yoga and Support class, we weave together mindfulness, childbirth education and yoga for a holistic approach to pregnancy, childbirth, and early parenting. Ample time is given for support and sharing; and discussions are rich, genuine and informative.

Pricing and details:

Class time includes yoga, childbirth education basics, discussion, support with other pregnant women and deep relaxation. It is an excellent complement to any childbirth education program.

Sessions are offered 3-4 times per year. Each session is 6 weeks in length and includes six, 2 hour & 15 minute classes for a total of $195.

Each 6 week session is held in a rotation on either Tuesday or Wednesday evenings from 6:00-8:15 pm. Sessions are scheduled to be taken as a compliment to the Nona Mindful Birth Education Series.

Nona Prenatal Yoga is appropriate for all fitness levels and all stages of pregnancy. No experience is necessary. 

What you can expect:

Education and group support

  • Learn self-help techniques that relieve many physical discomforts associated with pregnancy and the postpartum period.
  • Learn healthy ways to reduce stress and anxiety before and during labor.
  • Practice effective pain coping skills.
  • Develop confidence for birth.
  • Acknowledge and integrate pregnancy and birth as a rite of passage.
  • Bond with your pre-born baby.
  • Make supportive connections
  • Address the emotional concerns of pregnancy, birth, and parenthood.
  • Honor the difficulties and celebrate the joys of pregnancy.


Upcoming Yoga & Support Series:

2018 Sessions:

January 16th - February 20th (Tuesdays)

Future dates TBD

Clicking "sign up" takes you to our online scheduler. Click on "class schedule" then scroll to find your class to register.


Nona Prenatal Yoga Weekly Classes

Relax, rejuvenate and experience the many benefits of practicing yoga throughout pregnancy at our Nona Prenatal Yoga class.  Classes are designed to meet the needs of students at any level of practice.  Classes are taught by Erica and held on Mondays from 6:00-7:15 pm.

We regret that these classes will end in mid December and no longer be offered.  Join us until then!

You can register at the link below or download the MindBody Connect app for your phone.

Classes are $15 plus tax. Yoga mats and props are available in the studio.  *Register by 5pm each Monday. Class will be cancelled at 5pm if there is low enrollment.

Prenatal yoga classes in Columbia, Mo at Nona Birth Education and Counseling


If you’re interested in experiencing prenatal yoga in combination with childbirth education, mindfulness and discussion, you might also like the 6 week Nona Prenatal Yoga and Support Series.  Many women do both drop-in classes and 6 week sessions throughout their pregnancy as they are meant to compliment each other.


Nona Parent & Baby Yoga


Join us on the other side of birth and enjoy a unique opportunity for parent and child bonding while experiencing a relaxed and informal yoga class.

Babies up to 12 months are welcome and can either be integrated into poses or can relax nearby. Yoga poses are taught with an emphasis on gently building core strength while taking special care of your postpartum body.  Modifications are offered for different levels of recovery throughout class. Both mom/birth parent and partners are welcome.



Next parent & baby yoga class:

Classes are taught by Amber.  $15 plus tax.

Classes are offered as occasional pop-up classes. No future classes are scheduled at this time.

*If there is low enrollment, we will cancel the class 24 hours in advance. Please don't hesitate to register!

Clicking "sign up" takes you to our online scheduler. Click on "class schedule" then scroll to find your class.


Parent & Baby Yoga Details


Birth parents will likely be ready to join after 6 weeks postpartum.

However, if you’ve experienced a cesarean birth or a significant tear, you may be more comfortable waiting until 6-8 weeks postpartum.

If you have any complications or concerns, feel free to contact Amber.

Please bring a blanket for your baby to lay on!
Parent and baby yoga classes in Columbia, Missouri


Scheduling note: Parent & Baby Yoga classes are offered on occasional Saturdays and Sunays as pop-up classes. Check back or watch Facebook for the next class announcement!