Nona Full-Day Birth Intensive

Can’t fit our 6 week Mindful Birth Series in your schedule, but looking for something more comprehensive than the 4 hour Birth Intensive?  The Nona All-Day Birth Intensive is for you. We’ve condensed the 15 hour Mindful Birth Course into an 8 hour intensive offered quarterly on Saturdays from 9am-6pm with an hour break for lunch.

Parents will learn normal expectations for labor, birth and immediate postpartum.  Just like in the other classes, we teach mindfulness skills for coping, how to navigate hospital protocols and routine interventions, when to get an epidural if you want one, and partner support skills.


What you will learn:

  • Mindfulness skills for labor, birth, and parenting

  • Creating a birth plan that staff will read and respect

  • Effectively communicating with your care provider

  • Basic anatomy and physiology of labor and birth

  • Psychology of labor, birth and early parenting for both parents

  • Positions for labor and birth

  • Common interventions and making informed decisions

  • Medical and natural pain relief


  • When to get an epidural if you want one

  • The hormonal physiology of childbirth and the mind-body connection

  • Navigate hospital protocol and staff

  • Partner support

  • Pushing

  • Evidence-based care

  • Emotional and physical recovery

  • *Breastfeeding resources

  • Cesarean, induction, epidural and natural birth information will be discussed


Note: Parents who plan to breastfeed should plan to take a separate breastfeeding education course. Because the Full Day class a condensed course, please consider registering for our Postpartum Preparation class separately for learning realistic expectations and detailed information for postpartum recovery.




Classes are held quarterly Saturdays from 9am-6pm with a one hour break for lunch.  Danica Wolf, a certified Nona Birth Educator will be your instructor.

Each class includes a digital download of our Nona Childbirth Education Manual (parents can purchase a color print manual separately).

Classes are $225 

One registration includes the pregnant parent and a support person.

Please read our cancellation policy before you register.

Upcoming Classes

2018 Schedule:

Saturday, November 17th

2019 Schedule:

January 19th *This class is rescheduled for Feb. 2nd due to weather.

April 27th

July 27th

October 26th

 Clicking "sign up" takes you to our online scheduler.  Click "class schedule" then scroll to find your class.


Disclaimer: Teachers at Nona Birth Education & Counseling do not provide medical advice. Topics addressed in classes or on the website or blog are not meant to replace the care and advice provided by your physician, midwife, or OBGYN.