Erica provides general counseling services for a wide range of issues including trauma, depression and anxiety, and specializes in prenatal and postpartum concerns. 

When considering pregnancy, many parents experience a diversity of emotions from joy and excitement to ambivalence or fear depending on their own personal associations with pregnancy, birth and parenting.

This time often inspires parents to reflect on relationships, identity, life goals, and on creating a new vision for the future. Erica draws from 19 years of experience (8 of which counseling) to support prenatal and postpartum parents as they navigate this life transition.   

Session fees are $85 per 45-50 minute sessions.

Please note:  We are beginning the process of phasing out insurance.  At this time we only accept United Health Care.

*Due to the lack of therapists specializing in prenatal and postpartum issues in the area, we prioritize pregnant and postpartum parents on our waiting list.

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Counseling Specialties

Erica is a perinatal and postpartum expert specializing in traumatic birth and perinatal and postpartum mood disorders. She has years of experience working with trauma, depression, and anxiety as well as supporting individuals through general life adjustment.

Preconception counseling:   

  • Resolve past traumatic birth experience

  • Resolve previous experiences of abortion

  • Address past sexual abuse or trauma

  • Explore fears, life transition, and ambivalence about becoming a parent, being pregnant or giving birth.

  • Explore birthing options and weigh pros and cons for models of care

Infertility counseling:

  • Address feelings of loss and reduce stress

  • Explore alternatives to common medical interventions and procedures

  • Regain your sense of self

Counseling for Pregnancy and Childbirth:

  • Explore birthing options

  • resolve past birthing trauma or losses

  • Develop and clarify a vision for your birth

  • Learn to advocate for yourself

  • Prenatal depression, anxiety or OCD

  • Reduce anxiety or feelings of ambivalence or fear

  • Increase body awareness

  • Develop and recognize your inner resources for birthing

  • Learn coping strategies for childbirth

  • Address past sexual abuse or trauma and learn to recognize and cope with triggers during pregnancy and birth.

  • Screening, support and treatment for depression, anxiety, OCD or other mental health concerns.

Postpartum Counseling:

Many individuals experience conflicting emotions after having a baby.  Or, you may be experiencing scary thoughts that worry you.  Addressing these issues early can prevent further escalation and severity.

  • Explore birth experience, from the most difficult to the most joyful.

  • Lack of support from partner, friends and/or family.

  • Treatment and screening for postpartum depression, anxiety and obsessive compulsive disorder.

  • Address difficulties adjusting to parenting and lifestyle change.

  • Conflict with partner

  • Early parenting

Couples Counseling:

  • Ambivalence about becoming parents

  • Prepare for adjustments and changes in your relationship

  • Support for prenatal and postpartum depression, psychosis, OCD or anxiety

Pregnancy and Birth Loss:

  • Facilitate grieving

  • Counseling is appropriate for all members of the family