Nona Birth Education

Method and Philosophy

Nona Birth Education & Counseling exists to provide a comfortable and non-judgmental space for families to learn about all aspects of the childbearing year and receive support necessary to move through this significant life transition.

The Nona Birth Education & Counseling philosophy is practical, physiological and rooted in a mind/body approach:

Birth is understood as a normal physiological event.

We work from the premise that birth will usually unfold without the need for management or intervention. However, in the process of birth, like any other normal function of the body, things can go wrong that require management and intervention for the best outcomes. Intervention can be a good option and we want couples to develop meaningful and trusting relationships with their providers and birth team so that they can feel confident and informed about choosing interventions as they see fit. 

Nona supports parent-and-baby friendly care that is evidence-based.

Nona doulas and educators strive to provide support and teach from the most recent and best evidence regarding maternity care and parenting. 

As a mind/body approach, the Nona Method for Mindful Birthing provides parents and birth professionals with: 

  1. An understanding of how hormones interact with thoughts and emotions to create specific physiological responses in the body and how these responses can impact labor and birth. 
  2. Mindfulness skills for the purpose of developing the awareness to cope with thoughts and emotions as they arise in order to create and maintain the optimal limbic dominant and hormonal state for normal labor progression. 

Partners are supported and honored by Nona doulas and educators in whatever role they are comfortable inhabiting throughout pregnancy, birth and early parenting.
The Nona philosophy recognizes the ways in which gender specifically – but also race, class, sexuality, and ability – intersect with social and historical perspectives to shape current birth practices in the U.S.