Nona 4-Hour Birth Intensive

In this four hour class, we'll walk you through the process of birth from early labor all the way through to the immediate postpartum. Along the way, we'll will teach you specific coping skills and strategies for both birthing parents and their partners including mindfulness skills for working through contractions, optimal positioning, movement through labor, and skills for negotiating hospital protocols and staff; all specific to your personal goals.

Class starts with a round of introductions in which couples will be encouraged to share their goals and vision for their birth.  In this way, each class is tailored and specific to the couples who are in attendance.  This class goes way beyond hospital classes and is meant to build upon the information taught in a hospital class and can be a great refresher course.




This class is a basic overview of what is taught in the 6 week Mindful Birth Education Series.


One registration includes the pregnant parent and a support person.

Classes are held every other month on a Friday from 6-10 pm.

Please read our cancellation policy before you register.



Upcoming Classes

2018 Schedule:

February 2nd with Danica

April 6th with Erica

June 1st with Danica

August 3rd with Erica

October 5th with Danica

December 7th with Erica


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